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Weekend - the funcrunch files

Mar. 29th, 2004 10:57 am Weekend

saizai came to visit me and boyziggy this weekend.

Sai was already planning on going to djdigit's party in SF on Saturday night, and we were invited to come along. Unfortunately Ziggy got a last-minute job call for that evening. I was left to help Sai find parking (next to impossible in my neighborhood) and get to the party on the bus so we wouldn't have to move the car again. Due to the stress from the parking/navigation, plus fatigue, shyness, cold air from the open windows, and the loud unrelenting music, I'm afraid I was extremely antisocial. Which is too bad, because I was hoping Sai would introduce me to aaangyl (nudge nudge), who seems like a very fun person. Eventually Ziggy arrived, and later we took a cab home.

I pulled out most of my classical piano sheet music for Sai to play Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. He did amazingly well sight-reading and playing pieces he hadn't worked on in years. I jumped in on a few Brahms and Chopin pieces and attempted a couple of movements from Beethoven sonatas. I hardly ever play classical piano (or any piano for that matter) anymore; I tend to get very frustrated whenever I try, remembering how good I was back in high school and wondering how much better I would be now had I stuck to it. But it still felt good to try.

I then pulled out my jazz binder, since Sai had recently taken a jazz piano class. I ended up singing a lot of tunes acapella, then I pulled out my Broadway fakebook and we sang a number of songs together, mostly from Les Miserables. That was a lot of fun; I always enjoy singing, and I'm not nearly as self-conscious singing as I am playing piano for others, even when I'm not in good voice.

Later we took a short stroll through Chinatown and North Beach, stopping to dine at Truly Mediterranean (leave it to Ziggy and I to enjoy hummus and falafel in Little Italy). On the way home we walked through Washington Square Park and stared at the various silly dogs, including matching miniature Dachshunds named (seriously) "Fido" and "Fang".

A discussion about gaming led Ziggy to introduce Sai to the bloody gore of Unreal Tournament. After seeing my fill of bisected corpses, I returned to the piano with my Godspell vocal selections book, and sang through a good chunk of it before they were done.

More musical activities in the immediate future: on Wednesday night Ziggy and I are going to see the amazingly talented young singer/pianist Nellie McKay at The Independent in SF. And on Thursday night I will probably go sing karaoke at The Mint with purchasemonkey and his friends.

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Date:March 29th, 2004 12:29 pm (UTC)


I have not really *met* aaangyl, but I was at the same party with her (tyrsalvia's wedding, August 2003). She does seem kinda cool[*].

Poor boyziggy, missing the party. I know you guys'd been looking forward to it.


P.S.: * -- But do you really want to make your first impression on someone when you're "antisocial"?
Date:March 29th, 2004 12:35 pm (UTC)

Re: "Angyl"

Poor boyziggy, missing the party. I know you guys'd been looking forward to it.

Well actually he did show up late (midnight-ish), and we didn't know anyone there except Sai so we hadn't really been "looking forward to it"; it was a last-minute invite.

P.S.: * -- But do you really want to make your first impression on someone when you're "antisocial"?

Well if I had made more of an effort to get to know cool people and hang out with them then I might not have been so antisocial. Wait, that was rather circular logic. :-{
Date:March 29th, 2004 08:28 pm (UTC)

On My Own

[sings off-key, in well-mangled Elmer Fudd voice]

And now I'm aww awone again
Nowhewe to tuwn, no one to go to
Without a home without a fwiend
Without a face to say hewwo to

And now the night is neaw
I can make bewieve he's hewe

Sometimes I wawk awone at night
When evewybody ewse is sweeping
I think of him and I'm happy
Wif the company I'm keeping

De city goes to bed
And I can wive inside my head

On my own
Pwetending he's beside me
Aww awone I wawk wif him tiww mowning
Without him I feew his awms awound me
And when I wose my way I cwose my eyes
And he has found me

In the wain the pavement shines wike siwvew
Aww the wights awe misty in the wivew
In the dawkness, the twees awe fuww of stawwight
And aww I see is him and me fowevew and fowevew

And I know it's onwy in my mind
Dat I'm tawking to mysewf and not to him
And awthough I know that he is bwind
Stiww I say, thewe's a way fow us

I wove him
But when the night is ovew
He is gone
De wivew's just a wivew
Without him
De wowwd awound me changes
De twees awe bawe and evewywhewe
De stweets awe fuww of stwangews

I wove him
But evewy day I'm weawning
Aww my wife I've onwy been pwetending
Without me
His wowwd wouwd go on tuwning
A wowwd that's fuww of happiness
Dat I have nevew known

I wove him
I wove him
I wove him
But onwy on my own
Date:March 29th, 2004 09:36 pm (UTC)

Re: On My Own

Oh Sai, you might think you can get away with this, but revenge will be sweet. Any further infractions will add exponentially to your punishment. *muhahahaha*
Date:March 29th, 2004 10:15 pm (UTC)

Re: On My Own


There was a time when shows were fun
And they used bright lighting
And the shows weren't so long
And the songs weren't so biting
There was a time
Then it all went wrong

I dreamed a show in days gone by
Where all the scenery looked so pretty
I didn't sing one song then die
And all my costumes weren't so gritty

I did a tap-dance and I smiled
And pathos wasn't overstated
My lips were red, my hair was styled
I didn't act so constipated

But now that misery's in style
It's artistic if you suffer
So they tore my dress apart
And the chorus girls walk lame

I dreamed a show in days gone by
Neil Diamond didn't sing my hit song
A pretty girl they'd glorify
And Act One wasn't so damn long

Come watch us grovel in the dirt
Then buy a souvenir and don it
Rich folks pay twenty bucks a shirt
That has a starving pauper on it

I dreamed a show in days gone by
Where all the sets weren't piles of rubble
I didn't have to belt high E
And be as miserable as me
Date:March 30th, 2004 06:54 am (UTC)

Re: On My Own

*pained expression* Creative lyrics and translation will not protect you from my revenge, Sai. ;-)
Date:March 29th, 2004 10:16 pm (UTC)

Re: On My Own

Je suis toute seule encore une fois
Sans un ami, sans rien à faire
J'suis pas pressée de retrouver
Ma solitude et ma misère
J'attends que vienne le soir
Pour l'évoquer dans ma mémoire

Je marche seule et chaque nuit
Les rues de la ville m'appartiennent
Toutes mes pensées s'envolent vers lui
Et je mets ma vie dans la sienne
Paris dort; dans le noir
Je peux m'inventer mon histoire

Mon histoire
C'est un rêve qui commence
Dans les pages d'un conte de mon enfance
Les yeux fermés
Mon prince enfin m'enlace
Et je prie pour que jamais
Son étreinte ne se défasse

Avec lui
Je ne suis plus la même
J'aime la pluie
Et quand on se promène
Nos deux ombres
Comme deux géants qui s'aiment
S'allongent à nos pieds
Et vont se mirer dans la Seine

Je sais bien que j'ai tout inventé
Je sais bien qu'il n'est jamais à mes côtés
Et pourtant, je continue à croire
Qu'avec lui, j'écris mon histoire

Oui, je l'aime
Mais, comme les nuits sont courtes!
Au matin, il a repris sa route
Et le monde, redevenu le même
A perdu ses couleurs
Et l'arc-en-ciel son diadème

Oui, je l'aime
Mais je suis seule au monde
Toute ma vie
J'ai attendu une ombre
Mon histoire est une coquille vide
Un rêve plein de douceur
Dont je n'ai jamais eu ma part

Et l'aime, oui je l'aime
Oui je l'aime toute seule dans mon histoire.