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saizai came to visit me and boyziggy this weekend.

Sai was already planning on going to djdigit's party in SF on Saturday night, and we were invited to come along. Unfortunately Ziggy got a last-minute job call for that evening. I was left to help Sai find parking (next to impossible in my neighborhood) and get to the party on the bus so we wouldn't have to move the car again. Due to the stress from the parking/navigation, plus fatigue, shyness, cold air from the open windows, and the loud unrelenting music, I'm afraid I was extremely antisocial. Which is too bad, because I was hoping Sai would introduce me to aaangyl (nudge nudge), who seems like a very fun person. Eventually Ziggy arrived, and later we took a cab home.

I pulled out most of my classical piano sheet music for Sai to play Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. He did amazingly well sight-reading and playing pieces he hadn't worked on in years. I jumped in on a few Brahms and Chopin pieces and attempted a couple of movements from Beethoven sonatas. I hardly ever play classical piano (or any piano for that matter) anymore; I tend to get very frustrated whenever I try, remembering how good I was back in high school and wondering how much better I would be now had I stuck to it. But it still felt good to try.

I then pulled out my jazz binder, since Sai had recently taken a jazz piano class. I ended up singing a lot of tunes acapella, then I pulled out my Broadway fakebook and we sang a number of songs together, mostly from Les Miserables. That was a lot of fun; I always enjoy singing, and I'm not nearly as self-conscious singing as I am playing piano for others, even when I'm not in good voice.

Later we took a short stroll through Chinatown and North Beach, stopping to dine at Truly Mediterranean (leave it to Ziggy and I to enjoy hummus and falafel in Little Italy). On the way home we walked through Washington Square Park and stared at the various silly dogs, including matching miniature Dachshunds named (seriously) "Fido" and "Fang".

A discussion about gaming led Ziggy to introduce Sai to the bloody gore of Unreal Tournament. After seeing my fill of bisected corpses, I returned to the piano with my Godspell vocal selections book, and sang through a good chunk of it before they were done.

More musical activities in the immediate future: on Wednesday night Ziggy and I are going to see the amazingly talented young singer/pianist Nellie McKay at The Independent in SF. And on Thursday night I will probably go sing karaoke at The Mint with purchasemonkey and his friends.

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