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McDougall Adventure in Costa Rica, Day 6

On Monday boyziggy went off on the treetop canopy zipline tour while I stayed at the resort. I went jogging on the beach, another short 20-minute run. I saw a snake and stopped to take a closer look, then remembered one of the guides mentioning the several dozen varieties of poisonous snakes, one of which was a sea snake with a neurotoxin for which they have no antivenom. I moved on.

I then spent several hours processing and uploading photos, mostly camped out in the dining room where I could (usually) get WiFi. I was pleased that I managed to speak a complete and hopefully correct Spanish sentence to ask one of the waiters where we were on the map, for Flickr geotagging purposes. (Nearly everyone at the resort we've met speaks English, but I wanted to at least make the effort.) Ziggy returned around 12:30 and we lunched, relaxed, went to the beach and pool. I enjoyed going to the swim-up bar and sipping a strawberry daiquiri. We also went to the infinity pool at the top of the hill with the great view, and briefly into the hot tub, but it proved to be too uncomfortable for our sunburns.

Monday night's McDougall lecture was on vitamins, and included a lot of great information on why supplementation, other than vitamin B12 for strict vegans, is unnecessary and often actually harmful. While walking to dinner we saw a large fire in the hills, which was alarming, but we inquired and found the fire department was already on it. It wasn't near us, but in the dry season I worried that the flames could spread quickly. At dinner afterward the McDougalls sat at our table, and we had some good conversation. We talked with Mary McD about cookware and cooking.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the musical entertainment that night was a very good local jazz band, Santa Esperanza. I wished I had brought my camera to take photos, though of course that wouldn't capture the great sound of the music. We chatted with the bass player afterward, and I added the band as a friend on MySpace.

After dinner we relaxed in our room, I processed more photos, and we watched the movie Twisted which was not great other than all the San Francisco location shots. The cable TV here seems to have two of many of the channels, one in Spanish (dubbed, in this case) and one in English. I like watching the English shows that have Spanish subtitles, to help learn new words.
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