Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

McDougall Adventure in Costa Rica, Day 8

Wednesday we finally had a good night's sleep, as our bus for San José wasn't leaving till 9 a.m. The bus leaving for the Liberia airport departed at 5 a.m., so we were grateful. For my final breakfast at the resort I chose French toast, sweet rolls, fruit, and tea. We packed along food to go: rice and beans, plantains in syrup, rolls, and fruit. We said goodbye to Tiffany, our great tour director, and boarded the van with Carlos, my favorite of the guides, and about half a dozen guests for a five-hour trip to San José.

Since I had slept well, I stayed awake for most of the trip and enjoyed viewing the countryside. Some of the driving was a bit scary, and we got stuck in traffic at several points; original Carlos said the trip should take about three hours, but with the traffic and a half-hour rest stop it was just about five total. We were dropped off directly at our hotel, the DoubleTree Cariari, a couple of miles from the San José airport.

The DoubleTree is a beautiful hotel - I took some photos (at the end of the set) - definitely a upgrade from our room at the Ocotal. boyziggy got the night here free with award points from our Visa card. We relaxed in the room for awhile, I uploaded photos and we watched TV, then walked around to view the grounds. We had a soak in the hot tub, then dinner at a restaurant across the street. (We decided to be lazy and stay here rather than venturing into San José at night.) I managed to speak enough Spanish to ensure we didn't get meat or cheese on our dishes - gnocchi with tomato sauce for me, and eggplant penne for Ziggy. With fruit juice, tax, and tip, the total came to about $24 US (we paid in colones) - a lot cheaper than if we'd eaten at the hotel. We returned to the hotel and had drinks at the bar, which were quite strong. Mine was a strawberry mojito, and Ziggy's was some local fruity drink. Ziggy wanted to get more since they were relatively inexpensive, but they were so strong we figured we'd better not.

We returned to the room and I uploaded the rest of the photos, we watched some TV and went to bed. I had a good night's sleep on our comfortable bed. We're taking a van to the airport at 11. We will miss Costa Rica, but it will be good to be home.
Tags: mcdougall, photography, travel

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