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Feb. 17th, 2009 07:44 am Misc

- On Sunday a cute girl danced with me at the Mint and invited me and boyziggy to come visit her in Santa Cruz. I still have "Magic" from Xanadu running through my head. Good times.

- Yesterday I started the third phase of Bob Greene's Get With the Program fitness program. I'm now to do two sets of the functional exercises (stretches and ab crunches, mostly) five times a week, and modify some of them to add weights. I'm also supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day, reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption, get a handle on "emotional eating", and get 100-125 minutes of aerobic exercise weekly. At least the last bit is already taken care of; I jogged for 115 minutes yesterday alone, albeit at lower intensity than he recommends. I'll run harder on the shorter distance days.

- After getting my feet (and the rest of my body) soaked during yesterday's run, I was happy to find that Newton Running now has an "all-weather" shoe. I'm a bit suspicious that it's supposed to work with all foot types, as I usually buy motion-control shoes, but I love my current Newtons so much that I decided to order these immediately. (I've had my current ones for over a year and they are definitely wearing out.) The cost is high, but I'm using birthday money from Mom to fund the purchase.

- We've halfway through rehearsals for my Blue Bear workshop, and have already learned all but one song in our set. Show will be Tuesday, March 31 at Café du Nord; details to come.

- I am very grateful for the existence of baaaaabyanimals.

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