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This is another boring diet/exercise/weightloss post that's mostly for my own reference.

While I'm keeping up with the exercise (mostly), I've decided not to try to adhere to any specific diet plan this time around. I hate the feelings of guilt that come with every craving and every mouthful of non-approved food, whenever I'm on a diet. That being said, there are specific foods that I am trying harder than others to avoid:

  • All animal products, but for environmental and ethical rather than dietary reasons

  • Partially- and fully-hydrogenated oils (margarine, shortening, etc.)

  • All other oils when I eat at home, as they're all 100% fat, though I'm not as strict about this when I eat out because it's just too hard

  • Soft drinks, both regular and diet (boyziggy and I have read some pretty scary stuff about aspartame and other artificial sweeteners)

I'm still eating lunch out almost every day, but I have a set number of mostly-healthy and inexpensive vegan lunch choices at restaurants within walking distance:

  • Tofu and vegetables over rice, at my office cafeteria: very tasty and filling

  • Bean burrito at the restaurant across the street: tasty but not as filling, and may have hydrogenated oil in the tortilla

  • Salad bar at the same restaurant as above: boring but healthy

  • Footlong veggie sandwich at Subway: always hungry mid-afternoon after eating this; too bad they don't have hummus like Togos does

  • Veggie sushi and cold noodle salad from Trader Joes: yummy but not particularly healthy with all the white flour

I just had labwork done this morning, so hopefully I'll have my latest cholesterol count soon. While I don't care about the numbers so much anymore when it comes to my weight, I can't judge my internal health as easily, so the numbers are helpful there.

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