Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

John Robbins on the economy and Madoff scandal

John Robbins, vegan author, has been a person of great influence to me. boyziggy and I gave away copies of his book The Food Revolution at our all-vegan wedding reception. I bought a case of this book to give away partly because I was so moved by a particular story in it, about a pig farmer. Later, Robbins posted that story on his web site, so now everyone can read it.

Recently I was heartbroken to learn that Robbins and his family lost 98% of their net worth in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scam. Robbins did not invest with Madoff directly, and was not wealthy; he walked away from the Baskin-Robbins fortune at a young age, and lived frugally. Today, he has an interview in SF Gate where he talks about his reaction to the loss. Food for thought.

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