Pax (funcrunch) wrote,


Had a good bass lesson. Steve and I decided the order of my set and figured out some arrangement choices. I need to finalize the charts and get them to Jim who will hopefully be playing sax with us. As far as the workshop, Steve and I are both confident that I will do fine on those songs, so I can spend more time concentrating on the music for my own set.

Later that afternoon mikz and I went to a party hosted by laughingstone, traumentwerfer, and their fellow community members. I didn't know many others there, but had a good time. It was a fun excuse to dress up and take photos of others dressed up. I hate to admit I had a few non-vegan snacks, but that hot buttered rum was sooooo good... I even got to play piano a little bit, and was excited to find some sheet music, but it was a bit difficult to play Bohemian Rhapsody as the middle Bb key on the piano wasn't working and that's the key the piece was in...

That evening Mik and I went to another Very Fun Party, which I may or may not write about later...
Tags: bass, photography

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