Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Today's workout, and plans for the week

For various reasons I haven't run since Wednesday. I didn't think I'd have time to get a run in this morning without getting up pretty early as a maintenance person was scheduled to come by at 10 (edit - he just came by while I was typing this - yay, I have heat in my home office again!), so I decided to climb the stairs near my apartment. The last time I did this* I managed six flights in about 20 minutes. This time I managed seven in 20:47, and felt like I could have done more. I was afraid to go too quickly down with the uneven stairs slippery from the rain, but did build up some speed and confidence in the later laps.

I'll plan to run this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Normally I'd try to run Thursday as well, but I'll be attending the Prop 8 hearing rally at Civic Center early that morning. (I hope some others can join me there if their schedules allow!) Tuesday I'll run to Aquatic Park, Wednesday the Embarcadero, and Sunday, Crissy Field.

I also found the rest of my dumbbells, so I can start lifting more during my functional exercises. Right now I'm only using weights for the shrug rolls and heel raises, but in the next phase, which I'll start in a few weeks, I'll be doing a full weightlifting routine.

*Yikes, it's been a month since my last stair-climbing workout. I should do it more often, as it uses different muscles than running. Also, I weigh virtually the same as a month ago, but I'm going to try not to stress about that too much.
Tags: fitness

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