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A question of ethics

Tonight I watched my all-time favorite movie, Crimes and Misdemeanors, which I finally bought on DVD. Besides having a stellar cast and soundtrack, and being directed by the incomparable Woody Allen, this film perfectly illustrates my pessimistic view of human morals and life in general.

Among other philosophical and ethical questions, the film asks: can there be justice in the absence of God? As an atheist, I have been confronted with that question on numerous occasions. I have always maintained that humans are capable of devising and adhering to a coherent moral framework without resorting to a made-up deity to lay down the law for them. The atrocities committed by many religious devotees - of all faiths - also lends little to the argument that God = justice, in my opinion.

And yet, I have been wondering of late if there is any moral purpose to human life. We are animals; our job, like that of all other organisms, is to be fruitful and multiply. But beyond that, is there a purpose? Who is to say?

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