Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Prop 8 hearing at SF Civic Center

I went down to Civic Center this morning to watch the Prop 8 hearing on the Jumbotron and show my support for marriage equality. I wore white as requested and felt like a chump for doing so as I was freezing in my white sweater with no jacket and my white jeans were too big and falling off me. But I stayed for the whole three hours of the arguments. I didn't like the number of homophobic pro-prop 8 signs witnessed and wanted to make sure we had numbers to combat them. I'm just glad everyone was reasonably civil, and that it didn't rain.

Thanks to nisaa, thomwatson, jefftabaco, mikz, and mike20 for support and company. I'm sure more would have turned out had it not been a weekday morning.

Here are some pics.

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