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Chickpea soup and peppermint cocoa FTW - the funcrunch files

Mar. 7th, 2009 09:27 pm Chickpea soup and peppermint cocoa FTW

Despite being ill I managed to do a fair amount of cooking today. The chickpea soup came out really well; having only two carrots left led me to substitute a stalk of celery which was a good addition, as was the vegetable broth and raw garlic. After two big bowls I was still hungry, so I baked up two giant russet potatoes and smallish yams. I love having a toaster oven; I always felt guilty about heating up the whole oven for one or two potatoes, but with this I can set the temp to 400, time to 45-60 min (depending on size and number of taters), and walk away, and they taste *much* better than microwaved. I had one of the potatoes with some leftover lentils and a creamed spinach recipe which I will probably not make again. The yams and the other potato went in the fridge for future culinary adventures.

Later I put some black beans to soak and made myself some hot cocoa. Normally when ill I would love to put in a shot of peppermint schnapps or amaretto; I used to dub this drink "chocolate Nyquil", until I started having it all the time, sick or not, so the effect was diminished. In my new booze-free state I dug out some peppermint extract that boyziggy had buried in the cupboard with a warning sign of "No!!" written in red ink on the cap. It seems this particular extract was a wee bit strong. Since it had expired a few months ago, I figured it might have weakened over time, and might be safe if I treated it like an essential oil and measured it in drops rather than teaspoons. Two drops in my cup of cocoa proved to be a nice minty and non-lethal addition. I'll have to try the same with almond extract in place of amaretto next. Not sure if there's a good equivalent for buttershots.

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