Pax (funcrunch) wrote,


Well this weekend was largely a bust as I still haven't gotten over the sore throat and sniffles. The prolonged cold exposure at Thursday's Prop 8 rally probably contributed, along with the fact that I socialized with quite a few people in the past week. Anyway, I had to miss a friend's birthday party and another friend's concert, regrettably.

Though tired, I felt too restless to just lie on the couch or surf the web all weekend. So I did a fair amount of cooking, including the yummy chickpea soup I mentioned yesterday, and a unique pumpkin seed hummus recipe my teacher Steve gave me awhile ago. I also managed to do my stretches and crunches today, but no aerobic exercise this weekend other than walking to and partly home from my bass lesson yesterday. Tomorrow morning I'll see how I'm feeling before deciding whether to do stair climbing, running, or nothing at all...

boyziggy just phoned from the airport in Stockholm, where he stayed overnight in a hostel made out of a converted 747. He'll have a six-hour layover in Munich, then finally be home tomorrow night - yay!

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