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Follow-up on previous post

I watched the rest of the episodes I downloaded of Ruby today. (Apparently she was on Oprah yesterday as well, though I didn't see it.) Anyway, what a heartbreaking and amazing show. Ruby is such a sweet, funny, and courageous lady. The scariest thing is that she remembers absolutely nothing of her childhood before the age of 13. I hope that with the help of her psychiatrist she is able to recover her memory, as no doubt some traumatic childhood incident could be at the root of her overeating. In any case, I highly recommend the program to anyone who has cable; they'll be re-running it on the Style network, with new episodes beginning in July.

Thanks to those who encouraged me to pursue a potential career in nutrition. I still don't think it's that good of a career choice as far as my science aptitude. I did take chemistry, physics, and advanced biology in high school and got As and Bs, but science was always my weakest subject, and I took no real science classes in college. Considering that part of why I left the IT profession was a sense that I was more meant for an artistic rather than technical career, I don't know that moving into another profession that would rely heavily on logical thinking would be that great of an idea. (Not that I'm completely illogical... :-P )

The other thing is that I feel I'm using this is an excuse to detour from my barely-started career in photography. I seem to have a lot of trouble concentrating on one direction to go in at a time. As one person told me, "You seem to want to be doing anything other than what you are doing right now." Good food for thought. Of course, this is the same person who said that I'm getting good enough at the bass that if I practice hard I should be able to get paying gigs. Just what I need, another career idea to fantasize about. Though I did always want to be a musician, my father (a professional cellist) talked me out of that one. Sigh...
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