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This weekend I worked on reconciling my checking account, which has taken on new urgency as there's only about a hundred bucks left in it. I have more in savings and money market accounts, but I'm going to try hard to leave them untouched until the end of the month when rent's due. The cash in my wallet can go for farmer's market groceries or emergencies, but anything else will have to go unbought or on one of the credit cards (which are always paid in full, so no excuse for splurging there).

In any case, I just need to find where in my office my final pay stub is buried in order to finish reconciling my account. Actually that's not quite accurate, as I'm putting in question marks and "Miscellaneous" for quite a few unknown expenses. I got used to having duplicate checks with my last bank, and haven't had them with this bank, but I knew I could pull up a canceled check image on the web site at any time. Well, at any time in the last 90 days as it turns out, and my Quicken records were more than a year out of date. Ouch. I was never really in danger of overdraft as I log in frequently to check my balances and keep track of outstanding checks, but this little lesson is a timely reminder that I need to never, ever let my records get so out of date again.

On a happier note, I had one of my better bass lessons on Saturday. Steve and I both agreed that I played the best I ever have. This was a relief after a difficult experience at Tuesday night's rehearsal, which I won't recount other than that it left me in tears and caused boyziggy to intervene on my behalf. I feel much more confident now, and am sure I'll have a good performance at the end of the month. I'm also changing my lesson time to Thursday afternoons starting in April, as I don't see going back to a conventional day job anytime soon, and want to leave weekends open for potential photo gigs and socializing.

Following my lesson I had intended to go sing karaoke at the Mint, but was too tired. Just as well as I wasn't tempted to drink this way; I would have gotten soft drinks anyway to fulfill the bar minimum, but it was better to stay home, rest, and save my money. There will be other occasions, though probably fewer and farther between until I have more income coming in.

This weekend I also watched a lot of episodes of Hell's Kitchen, for no other reason than I found that we actually can get reception for Fox, the show was on when I was tired and bored, and it amused me (and made me glad to be a vegetarian). I watched the rest of this season on Hulu. I'm also watching Celebrity Apprentice. After dissing reality shows for years, I'm now watching four or five of them. I suppose I should hide my head in shame...

I still haven't been getting enough aerobics in, but am keeping up with my stretches and crunches (planning to do those during Apprentice tonight; hopefully Ziggy will join me if he finishes editing his lasertag video by 10). Today I did some cooking, processed some old e-mail, dyed my hair (same color), watched the space shuttle launch, and practiced the bass. Not much else unfortunately.
Tags: bass, fitness, money, photography, singing

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