Pax (funcrunch) wrote,


I've been monitoring my weight daily for the last three weeks using CRON-O-Meter. Here's a chart:

Not getting enough aerobics in, excuses mostly due to physical and mental illness. Trying to change that.

Hit a pretty low low point on Tuesday night, but partially recovered now. boyziggy is doing his best to help me.

Ziggy's helping me design a new business card for Funcrunch Photo. We get a new color printer Friday which we will use to print proofs before ordering. Also ordered some new Moo mini-cards for some of my better non-event shots.

New Funcrunch Photo Facebook page has 32 fans already, yay! Thanks guys.

Still doing a lot of cooking. Ziggy and I (mostly Ziggy) made a stuffed pizza last night. Going to get a new recipe section up on my site soon.

Enjoying watching reruns of Hell's Kitchen way too much. Also enjoying reading snarky comments on that and other shows on Television Without Pity. Schadenfreude is my middle name. Sometimes.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring - my personal New Year's Day. Trying to think of a way to recognize it properly. Some kind of private ritual, perhaps.
Tags: fitness, health, photography, work

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