Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Phantom City at Bazaar Café

As mentioned in yesterday's blog, on Friday night boyziggy and I went to see Phantom City perform at the Bazaar Café. I'd seen this band several times before as my friend and former co-worker Al plays lead guitar with them; Al also accompanied me (along with my father on cello) on the two songs I performed at my wedding.

Phantom City at Bazaar Café

I enjoyed the concert; I hadn't heard them in awhile, and they had some new songs. I also hadn't seen them do a set with all acoustic instruments before. My photos came out pretty well; I used my 17-55mm/2.8 exclusively since there was enough light and I wanted to use the wide-angle lens due to the cramped space. Ziggy also made an audio recording for the band, and a couple of people were videotaping, so there was quite a media buzz in this little café.
Tags: concert, photography, work

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