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Last night's Two Fifths rehearsal, our last with Steve, went really well. Everyone played the best they ever have, I felt confident and had fun. We made it through the entire set twice easily. We'll have one more rehearsal without our teacher this Sunday at Jason's studio. I'm really looking forward to the concert next Tuesday.

Before the rehearsal, Steve said to me: "How much skinnier do you plan to get?" I was flattered, especially as I've actually gained a pound or two, and I don't think it's muscle weight. I've been keeping up with the stretches and crunches, but not the aerobics, and I've been eating more fat and sugar. I'll have to be careful to avoid further backsliding.

Today boyziggy and I went to Golden Gate Park to scout out locations for an event he's planning for the near future; details forthcoming. I was feeling tired and blah - insecurities over money and friendships, among other things. A good meal at Crepevine revived me somewhat. We had a nice walk home through downtown, getting off at Montgomery BART for a change of scenery. We went in a few shops but didn't buy anything. I marveled at a pair of ordinary-looking dress shoes that was $100 on sale, then remembered how much I'd paid for my running shoes, and realized that people do have different priorities, even during a recession...

Tomorrow night I have a very important photo shoot at Bimbo's 365 for the Blue Bear Live benefit. The photos I took at last year's benefit were some of my best ever - I shot over 1000 exposures despite suffering from a cold and fever at the time - so I'm hoping to add even more great shots to my portfolio. Los Lobos will be performing, as an added bonus.

Ziggy and I finished watching season two of Hell's Kitchen and are starting on season three (while simultaneously watching season five as it airs). Watching this show has inspired me to experiment more in my cooking, even though hardly anything made on the show itself is vegetarian. I must buy some arborio rice and figure out why Gordon Ramsay is so obsessed with risotto...
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