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I'm on stage Tuesday night at Café du Nord! boyziggy and I ran through the set today, and also Sunday with (most of) the rest of the band. Also ran through my own set twice in my Saturday lesson and once today, and will do so at least one more time before tomorrow evening. Looking forward to a good show.

After watching way too many episodes of Hell's Kitchen, I was determined to make a risotto and find out why Gordon Ramsay is so obsessed with this dish. The lovely inflectionpoint gifted me with a box of arborio rice and some saffron threads. I found a lowfat vegan risotto recipe in one of my McDougall cookbooks, and already had most of the required ingredients, so made my first attempt today. The texture was interesting - it included onions, bell pepper, tomato, and black beans, among other things - but the flavor was too bland. (I didn't include the saffron as I wasn't sure it would go well with the other seasonings in this dish.) I'll have to keep experimenting. I'll also have to try to make a yummy sambar like the one she made for me and Ziggy on Sunday.

Today I worked on a new web site for the first time since I left my web developer job in October. It's for the event boyziggy is planning. More info to come very soon.

I'm continuing to work on the photo business. Reading Dan Heller's Profitable Photography in the Digital Age. Researching how to get credentials to shoot arena shows. Uploaded a few band pix to the local bands page on SFGate, which are currently on the SFGate home page in thumbnail size in the Reader Photos section, but I expect will be replaced by other user pix soon. Added more bands and clubs to my MySpace friends list, tagged photos accordingly. Facebook page is up to 53 fans, yay! Also, about a third of the photos on the Dr. McDougall Costa Rica Feb 2009 adventure page are from me and Ziggy.
Tags: bass, cooking, photography, singing, work

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