Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Running out of excuses

I lay in bed this morning at war with myself, thinking of a thousand reasons not to go running. I'm tired, I don't want to be around people, I don't want to tackle that damn hill, I don't have enough time to get back on pace before Bay to Breakers, etc., etc. etc.

What finally got me up and out the door was recalling a wonderful, touching compliment that a close friend gave me recently: "At 39 your body is a stunningly beautiful work of art." If that statement is true, then I can't take my fitness for granted.

I didn't particularly enjoy this run, but I did it. It took 40 minutes, and I'm not going to bother calculating my speed. So what if I can't keep up with the 12 min/mile pace group I'd planned for Bay to Breakers. If I have to walk or crawl at the back with the partiers in their costumes and floats, so be it. Meanwhile, I have to stop making excuses to avoid exercise and just do it already.
Tags: fitness

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