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My bass-playing debut - the funcrunch files

Apr. 29th, 2009 09:07 am My bass-playing debut

Here are a couple of selections from my concert at Café du Nord on March 31. This set was on the lounge stage with Steve Kirk on guitar and Jim Peterson on sax. Steve had a crappy amp and boyziggy couldn't do a lot to fix the sound, and I'd only been playing for 10 months at the time, but enough with the "pre-show apologies" as Ziggy would say. Here you go:

Direct link: http://funcrunch.smugmug.com/gallery/8041932_ApHeZ/1/523597198_8Crtv/Medium

Direct link: http://funcrunch.smugmug.com/gallery/8041932_ApHeZ/1/524065202_pHZQu/Medium

I hope to post videos from the main stage set with the band Two Fifths soon; I believe I performed really well with that band. Thanks again to those who came out to support me that night.

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