Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Socially saturated

For all I bitch about being lonely and depressed, I do get invited to a fair number of social events. Unfortunately a lot of them end up being at the same time. My immature response to this phenomenon is often to stay home and not go to any of them. But when faced with competing interests, I value one-on-one time with friends above all else.

So this coming Saturday I have at least four competing things available: a visit/photo shoot with a friend, a karaoke party at The Mint, a Parson Red Heads concert in my neighborhood, and a Flickr meetup I just found out about. I got invited to another concert by a friend's band also, but it got canceled, which was actually somewhat of a relief given the other stuff going on and the fact that my camera is in the shop. The personal visit is the only thing I'm definitely doing unless one of us has to cancel. I haven't even put the other events on my calendar yet.

Tangentially related, yesterday I started using TweetDeck to keep up with Twitter and Facebook statuses in real time. I had virtually stopped using Twitter altogether, and was finding it very hard to keep up with FB posts as I have 226 friends on there now. (My criteria for FB friends is the same as for LJ: I have to have met them in real life at least once.) My reason for starting to follow Twitter again is partly mercenary: I can get free stuff! Adagio often gives out gift certificates and discount codes, and I won a free pass to Google I/O. Not sure how frequently I'll update my own Twitter and FB statuses, however.

I'm also re-organizing my feed reader, Protopage, to try to stay on top of blogs and news better. I've experimented with Google and other readers, but I always find myself coming back to Protopage.

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