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Saw the Parson Red Heads Saturday night with boyziggy, Mike F and mike20 at Hemlock Tavern. Third time I'd seen this LA-based band perform in SF, and they were still great. I chatted with the lead singer and thanked him for sending me the lyrics to "Out to Sea" which Ziggy and I performed in our Blue Bear concert. They didn't do that one this time, but did perform the beautiful "Time is Running Out", which is unreleased. I think I've figured out the bass line though - at home at 1 a.m. after the concert - and have e-mailed to ask for the lyrics so that I can sing along to it. The opening band, Excuses for Skipping, was also quite good, and Ziggy bought one of their CDs.

Today I had a photo shoot with a friend; hope to post some of the pix soon. Made yummy vegan brownies, then practiced bass while watching the finale of Celebrity Apprentice (three-hour waste of time). Have my first rehearsal Tuesday night with the cover band that recruited me after my Café du Nord show. I've written out and practiced the half-dozen songs in their demo set, but am still nervous. Wish me luck!
Tags: bass, concert, cooking, photography, singing

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