Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Fixed camera plus bonus jacket!

Julie jacket

So vokzal was over visiting with boyziggy the other day, and I mentioned offhand how I'd been wanting to get a denim jacket, but Ziggy had made fun of me for that as he says they went out of fashion in the 80s. I had shopped at Old Navy and H&M but not found anything suitable. vokzal suggested I try secondhand stores instead.

So on the way to pick up my repaired camera from our mailbox today, I stopped by Town School Clothes Closet which I'd walked by a thousand times but never visited. Within minutes I found several denim jackets, but the prices seemed high for secondhand clothing. Then I overheard the cashier announcing to incoming customers that everything was 50% off. I walked out with a perfect jacket for $17.50.

Upon arriving home I confirmed that my camera was now in working order (Canon replaced the shutter, cleaned the sensor and mirror, and updated the firmware too, yay), and being the self-portrait whore that I am, propped up a full-length mirror (as I was too lazy to set up the tripod) and fired off a few shots. Hope you like. If you don't, I should have more interesting photos of me posted in a week or so. (And my new camera arrives Wednesday, so these shots may be some of the last I post from the 40D for awhile...)
Tags: money, photography

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