Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

New project: Happiness management system

boyziggy suggested that I adopt a time management system. I am instead adopting a Happiness Management System. Each day I will measure my Personal Happiness Quotient in each of four areas, outlined below. If warranted I will also create a Personal Happiness Forecast for the upcoming day.

My current target areas of Personal Happiness are the following:

1. Fitness. As my mother always told me, without our health we have nothing. Fitness for me includes regular aerobic and anaerobic exercise, including runnning/jogging, fast walking, stair climbing, stretches/yoga, crunches, weight-lifting.

2. Business. Getting my photography business off the ground is a high priority this year. The myriad tasks involved include overall business strategy planning, financial recordkeeping, client and contact management, equipment maintenance, and self-promotion.

3. Music. I have talent which will wither if it isn't nurtured. Whether practicing bass guitar, singing, playing piano, or creating original compositions, I need to make time for music each and every day.

4. Domestic. All the things that need to get done around the house: cleaning, cooking, organizing, shopping. I've relied far too heavily on Ziggy for these tasks.

My PHQ (Personal Happiness Quotient) for today:

Fitness: Excellent. Went jogging and did all stretches and crunches.

Business: Good. Worked on new business card design, exchanged e-mail with several clients and potential clients about sales, licensing, and upcoming events.

Music: Very good. Went to audition for the bass player spot in a cover band. (More on that in a future post.)

Domestic: Good. Cleaned kitchen and cooked a good hearty dinner (pasta e fagiol).

My PHF (Personal Happiness Forecast) for tomorrow:

Fitness: Plan to run the Embarcadero and do stretches/crunches.

Business: New camera should arrive; will put it through its paces, and continue work on self-promotion and client contacts.

Music: Bass lesson; need to practice Bach invention and Steve's original composition.

Domestic: No specific plans yet; maybe a good time to clean out the low shelves in my office so that we can move them into the living room as we'd discussed some time ago...
Tags: bass, cooking, fitness, photography, phq, work

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