Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Today's Personal Happiness Quotient

Fitness: Excellent-plus. Jogged five miles along the Embarcadero in 65 minutes, did all stretches and crunches, plus over two hours of walking (to-from Ferry Building for jog, mailbox to pick up a ten-pound package, and Fort Mason for bass lesson). The exertion left me almost completely worn out by early evening however.

Business: Fair to good. Set up new camera, updated my "about" page and posted link on Facebook, perused Craigslist ads for photographer gigs (and responded to one), cleared out a shelf for camera gear.

Music: Fair. Had bass lesson but did not practice this morning, and played very little in the lesson itself. Did peruse sheet music for ideas for a future performance, and discussed these with Steve.

Domestic: Poor to fair. Emptied dishwasher and cleared out/reorganized aforementioned shelf, but too exhausted to do anything else.
Tags: bass, fitness, photography, phq, work

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