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Today's accomplishments - the funcrunch files

May. 16th, 2009 01:44 am Today's accomplishments

Fitness: Fair. Maybe an hour of light walking (not all at once).

Business: Excellent. Did some artistic experimentation after being inspired by Peterson's Understanding Shutter Speed (results to be posted soon). Worked on SoFoBoMo project. Took photos at the opening party of my friend Matt's Mission Bicycle store on Valencia (they have festivities going on all weekend, with free food, so if you're in the Mission stop by and check them out). Those pix should be up sometime tomorrow (Saturday). Also discussed business matters with boyziggy and exchanged e-mails with clients.

Music: Fair. Started working out the bass line to Chicago's "Beginnings" (one of my favorite songs of all time). Going to be tricky singing and playing that one at the same time, but worth the challenge.

Domestic: Poor. Nada. Bupkiss.

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