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Things are looking up (mostly)

boyziggy has been getting a lot of union gigs lately. Jobs last Thursday through Sunday, including a couple of double-shifts. With IATSE, when it rains it pours, with frequent dry spells, so we're enjoying it while it lasts.

Unfortunately, Ziggy's on call for jury duty this week (hence the "mostly" qualifier). The way IATSE works, you have to call in each week to put yourself on the "on call" list, and then they page you with any available jobs. With jury duty in SF, you have to call in after 5 p.m. each evening for a week to see whether they'll need you the next day or not. So the possibility of jury duty is essentially preventing him from working this week. I liked Alameda County's "one day or one trial" system better, but then there was always the possibility of having to travel to Martinez from Berkeley on mass transit, which would have sucked. At least SF is more compact, but that doesn't help Ziggy's work situation.

Anyway, in other (good) financial news, the Mime Troupe has agreed to count Ziggy's hours this season as union work. This is huge news, because it may (should?) push his hours up enough to enable him to actually join the union, thus making him eligible for better jobs and other benefits.

And, we may have another source of funds for buying a house, thanks to real estate Ziggy's father previously purchased for him. We still won't be looking for anything right away, given this ridiculously inflated market, but it's a great burden lifted off of me to know that I won't have to provide virtually all of the down payment myself.

And, I just totally unexpectedly got a performance award at work!!

Addendum: And, according to an e-mail I just got from the UC President, we might actually get salary increases next year!

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