Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Good day

I felt unusually happy this morning, which was a nice change. Still on a high from Bay to Breakers. Legs a little sore, certainly, but not too much, and the mental boost was worth it. I'm already looking into signing up for Dolphin South End Runners races, and am changing my registration for the San Francisco Marathon in July from the 5K to the first half-marathon.

Slept in late, had a leisurely breakfast with oatmeal and yummy giant organic strawberries, then had a surprise lunch visit from boyziggy who saved me a trip by picking up a package from our mailbox. Yay, I finally have Irish Breakfast tea again! I ordered two 16 oz bags of it this time so I won't run out of it again soon. I am as addicted to that tea as some people are to their morning coffee; being without it for even a few days was tragic (despite the dozens of other varieties in the house). Also got several of Adagio's new chai blends: chocolate, thai, and vanilla rooibos. But Irish Breakfast will remain my morning staple. In fact I had a second bowl of oatmeal and strawberries just so I could enjoy them with the correct flavor of tea.

Got some housework and shopping done (yay domestic, which has been neglected), then walked to Muddy Waters for Poly Under 40, picking up Ziggy at the opera house along the way. Went to dinner at Mariachi's across the street after, having a yummy thai tofu burrito. Then to Amnesia, as my friend/former co-worker Marcus invited us there to see a free bluegrass performance by Homespun Rowdy. I don't normally like that kind of music, but they were really good! Especially the fiddler, but I also enjoyed the vocal harmonies, despite the country twang. Had good conversation with Marcus as well.

So all in all a good day. I still need to practice the bass and review the ballot before tomorrow's election (I'll probably vote No on everything per the Green Party's recommendation, but I want to decide for myself), and I didn't do anything photography-related today, but I still feel positive and optimistic.
Tags: concert, fitness

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