Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Today's run

Decided to try something a little different for my normal Tuesday run to Aquatic Park. Instead of crawling up the super-steep Hyde Street hill, after reaching the foot of the pier I jogged slowly up the less-steep McDowell Road, and then returned home the same way I usually walk from my bass lessons at Fort Mason: through the meadow and out to Van Ness, choosing a random street (I think it was Greenwich this time) to turn on to Polk, then onto Pacific, and in this case slowing to a walk a couple of blocks from home for my cool-down.

The route ended up being almost exactly three miles, and I ran it in 40'30" for a pace of 13.5 min/mile. Not great, but there were a number of hills and stops at traffic lights. I miss running on the pier, but this is safer and avoids the agony of that steep hill, while still challenging me with several more gradual climbs.
Tags: fitness

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