Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Today's accomplishments

OK, so maybe nude and semi-nude photos of me aren't as enticing as I thought they might be, so I'll go back to my mundane daily wrap-up:

Fitness: Very good; ran 40 minutes with hills, did stretches. Haven't done crunches yet, will try to do so before bedtime.

Business: Good; registered equipment, followed up on client e-mails, worked on new business card layout, investigated insurance and online backup options.

Music: Good; working on Bach two-part invention now, though I'd really rather be working on pop music, to be honest.

Domestic: Good; did some cleaning, meal planning, and cooking, have three pots of beans simmering on the stove right now.

OK going to turn the monitors off after I post this so I can get back to practicing that Bach piece. I am also finding Twitter and Facebook too distracting to my productivity, and may be paying less attention to those updates for the time being.
Tags: bass, concert, fitness, phq, work

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