Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Bay to Breakers official photo proofs

So the proofs for Bay to Breakers were published by Sport Photo today. Mine are here. It's been nearly ten years since I ordered a race photo, so I figured prices would go up a bit, but digital downloads would be available at a lower price to compensate. So imagine my surprise that if I want a single image download it will cost me a whopping $35. I can get downloads of all of my images for $55, but I don't want or need all of them.

Frankly, the best deal for me, if I order any at all, seems to be the three-image collage print for $25. But I want to wait to see if they're still going to post the posed finish-line photos first, because I did pose for one and I don't see it up yet.

Clearly, I'm in the wrong market for making money with my business; I should be a sports photographer! (I know, it's not really that simple...)
Tags: fitness, photography

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