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Today's run - the funcrunch files

May. 23rd, 2009 02:49 pm Today's run

Got a late start on today's planned 8-mile roundtrip to Crissy Field, but I wanted to sleep in anyway as I have a photo shoot tonight. Headed out around 11:30, with only T-shirt and shorts as the thermometer read 50 degrees and I figured I'd warm up quickly. Not so; I was chilly for most of the run. Still, I enjoyed it quite a bit, especially when I got to Crissy Field itself and could run on packed dirt; much easier on the knees than concrete or asphalt. Saw lots of cyclists, pedestrians, and dog-walkers, most bundled up. Spied several egrets, a sandpiper, and a great blue heron. Enjoyed the views and felt lucky to live in such a beautiful city.

Hyde Street hill coming back made me miserable as always, but I was fine once I crested it. Finished in 1 hr 47 min for a pace of 13.3 min/mile - not bad as I was doing 9/1 run/walk intervals and not trying to run fast. Though I was shivering for awhile even after getting home, and will probably bring a jacket next time I run in similar weather, the cold did keep me moving.

The scale this morning read 130 pounds, and when I stretched my arms over my head I could see my ribs in the mirror. Is this really me? Hot damn...


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