Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Today's run

Really didn't feel like getting out of bed this morning, but I hadn't run for a week and the half-marathon day (July 26) will be here before I know it. Wedged my android into an ill-fitting iPod case, hoping to try out the My Tracks GPS feature. I honestly didn't think it would work, since the case covered a good deal of the phone, and was worried that the belt clip wouldn't hold out, so I started out more slowly than usual. I pulled the phone out to check it during traffic stops, and was delighted that the tracking feature actually appeared to be working.

The other motive for bringing the phone was to get an alert from Twitter when my Sims 3 game, just released today, arrived. I knew it was out for delivery, so deviated from the previous end of this run to head to the mailbox. Though I still hadn't gotten the final delivery alert, I went to the mailbox anyway to check, and it had just arrived! Good thing I checked, as the notification didn't come till I'd already been back home for over an hour. I ripped open the package as I was walking home, and triumphantly tweeted an unboxing pic, which I never do, specifically for thomwatson just to make him jealous in case his copy hadn't arrived yet. Muhaha, I am evil.

Anyway, the GPS measured my run at 4.56 km in 36:47, for just under 13 min pace: here's the map of my route. Not worried as this included those traffic stops and some hills, but I do need to finish the half-marathon in under 3 hours. The organizers contacted me yesterday asking what my time would be (as I'd asked to switch my 5K registration to the half, and they have to do this manually), and I said I thought I could manage a 12 min pace, which would put me at the finish line in about 2:40. Later I found that going slower may actually be to my advantage, as the race is starting in waves and my group starts at 6:30 a.m. Which is way too early to begin with, but a hell of a lot better than starting at 5:30!!
Tags: fitness

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