Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Today's run

Planned a 10-mile run for this morning. Decided on a route going a bit beyond the far end of Crissy Field, knowing it probably wouldn't quite be 10 miles, but more than the 8 I'd done previously. Got on the road around 10:30, an hour later than planned. I started out slowly, and stuck to 9/1 run/walk intervals. It was sunny and very windy; I felt like the wind was actively pushing me back while I was running through Crissy Field. Lots and lots of people out on this pleasant day. Turned around at Fort Point, enjoyed feeling propelled forward by the wind now, and picked up speed. Slowed to a walk on the Hyde Street hill as usual, otherwise felt pretty good.

Finished in almost exactly 2 hours, 9.17 miles according to my measured route, for a speed of about 13 min/mile. Not bad considering the wind, hill, and several traffic stops. Should have planned the route more carefully to go the full ten miles, but as long as I get beyond 13.1 before race day I should be OK. So if I only do 11.5 in two weeks and 13.5 two weeks after that, rather than 12 and 14 respectively, that will be all right.
Tags: fitness

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