Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Today's run in Google Earth

This is pretty cool: After I uploaded the data from today's run to Google Maps, I noticed a link that said "View in Google Earth". When I clicked it, that app launched and then immediately quit, twice in a row; time to upgrade. Once I did, I found that the latest version lets you record a virtual tour of what you're viewing. So I did, navigating along the route of the run. It was neat.

If you have the latest Google Earth, check out my tour. The GPS navigation is obviously not 100% perfect; I wasn't really running over the rooftops of buildings etc. :-P And there are some wobbles when I was changing perspective while recording, but you should get the idea. (This was an out-and-back run, but for the purpose of the tour I only recorded up to the turnaround point.)
Tags: fitness

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