Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Operatic weekend

I attended opera performances two days in a row this weekend - that was a first for sure! On Friday night I went to Opera in the Ballpark: a performance of Tosca in AT&T Park. I'd been to the first ballpark production two years ago, but missed last year's as I was sick. boyziggy got me both VIP seating for four (my friend and former co-worker Marcus and his friend Jill came along), and an all-access pass so I could take more photos. I posted some pix from the ballpark on my pro site, and some nice night shots from the walk home on Flickr.

Water under the bridge

The opera itself was a wonderful display of musicianship, sets, and costuming, though I couldn't really get that interested in the plot or the music. Glad that I saw it though; great turnout too.

Saturday, boyziggy got me a ticket to the final dress rehearsal of Porgy and Bess. I'd heard much of the music from this opera before, and had sung "Summertime" plenty of times, but had never seen the staged production. I'm aware of the racial controversy that exists; I read up on the history of the show on Wikipedia during intermission as well. Though certainly some characters were stereotyped, I enjoyed the production very much, and still find myself spontaneously singing some of the songs from it. The sets and setting could not have been further removed from the show the night before; from early 19th century Roman opulence to early 20th century South Carolina poverty in 12 hours! Those stagehands know their stuff...
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