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Need new web host

I am totally fed up with my current web host and e-mail provider, I have put up with numerous problems with them over the last year, far more than I ever experienced with my former provider, Verio (which I left mainly because I thought it was too expensive). Today was the last straw, when not only did your-site's new POP server start sending all saved messages to clients again (not once, which was to be expected, but multiple times), but they have also disabled SSH access "for a few days" while they "implement a new security policy".

This aggravation has totally harshed my mellow from a weekend spent mingling in warm water with cuddly naked people followed by eating at least six different vegan chocolate desserts with cool queer vegetarians.

If you have any suggestions, please send them along. I require:

- Full shell access
- 100MB storage (minimum)
- Access to raw web log files
- MySQL database
- Perl

I would rather not pay more than $20/month. I am paying about $13/month to your-site for all of the above features. But they consider shell access some sort of exceptional request and you have to jump through hoops to get them to enable it, which is probably why they're not hurrying to restore SSH service.

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