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- I have a new sweetie who sings and plays blues guitar and harmonica and writes his own songs! I brought my bass over last night and we played and sang together; it was wonderful. Looking forward to much more musical happiness.

- I now weigh 128 lbs, which is a BMI of 22: smack in the middle of the healthy range for my height (5' 4"). I really don't need to lose any more, but I still have a hard time believing that I'm actually in good shape, having been overweight for most of my life.

- Saw Elvis Costello play live at Amoeba Records on Monday; thanks to a heads-up from Mike F on that. Posted a couple of videos to YouTube but the quality is pretty horrible as I was standing far back, holding the camera over my head while boyziggy tried to steady my arm. Still worth checking out because the sound quality is good and one of the songs is not available on a recording (yet). Or check out one of the other many recordings of the San Francisco and Hollywood shows on YouTube (the official video doesn't seem to be on Amoeba's site anymore).

- Also on Monday, saw Josh Kornbluth in a talk with Robert Reich at the Ashby Stage in Berkeley. Delayed due to technical difficulties, but still worthwhile. Josh can make even dry topics like tax law and health care policy fun.

- In between shows that day, caught up with my friend Gordon whom I hadn't seen in years. Had yummy Thai food and a nice walk in Tilden Park; took some pix.

- Saw the backyard preview for this year's San Francisco Mime Troupe show, "Too Big to Fail", with Ziggy on Thursday. Really good show this year; I encourage everyone to go see it. Opens in Dolores Park on July 4, with free performances throughout the Bay Area through Labor Day.

- Have gotten a number of orders for photos from the Blue Bear showcases, though mostly for individual downloads and prints rather than CDs. I don't mind as those are actually less work for me, as they can be ordered directly from SmugMug without my involvement.

- Have two photo shoots coming up next week: Picture Atlantic at the Rickshaw Stop on July 1, and Mime Troupe sneak preview on July 3.
Tags: bass, concert, fitness, photography, singing

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