Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Back to bass-ics

So the Blue Bear director sent me a message Sunday night asking if I'd like to join a workshop at a steep discount. It's good to be a bass player. Although I'm still living mostly off of savings, I said yes, since I'd have the chance to play with my teacher Steve again.

So tonight was the first rehearsal of my ninth Blue Bear workshop. (Not counting various vocal and other recitals since I started taking classes there in 2004.) Besides me and Steve, we have a guitarist, guitar/keyboard player, drummer, and two singers - all guys. Which I prefer, actually. About time we have some more male singers!

A dozen or so songs were suggested, many of which I recognized and most of which I liked. We started with Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone", for which Steve wrote out a quick chart; I got the hang of it pretty easily. I have a good feeling about this group!

Our show will probably be on Monday, September 21 at Café du Nord. More details closer to the date.
Tags: bass

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