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What is "alternative"?

After spending the night with my new sweetie for the first time, I asked if he had any tea. He said that he did even though he was a coffee drinker himself, as he'd dated several "alternative" women. I teased him that tea drinking was hardly "alternative" as it had been practiced by billions of people for thousands of years. He teasingly countered that coffee drinking was the "American way".

I got to thinking: what is "alternative", anyway? I've often branded myself as such, as I feel I most definitely don't fit into the mainstream, even in San Francisco. Off the top of my head, here's a list of ways in which I don't fit in:


Tea (not coffee) drinker
Mac (not Windoze) user


Green Party member
Debt-free (since 1996)



I'd be very curious to hear your comments and feedback on how you do or don't fit in, and what you think of my classifications above. What, in modern America, counts as "alternative", and do such labels even really matter? (Note: This post is public as I want my RSS-reader and Facebook friends to see it too.)

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