Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

The year's accomplishments

This Saturday marks exactly one year since I quit my day job after working full-time in the UC system for 15 years. I want to focus on what I've accomplished since that day.

- Lost 20 pounds and achieved goal weight (125 lbs)

- Successfully completed two major road races: Bay to Breakers 12K and San Francisco Half Marathon

- Photographed my first wedding (for thomwatson and jefftabaco)

- Published my first photo book, Walls to Walls

- Played electric bass on stage for the first time at a club (on two separate occasions, while singing) and with a cover band at a school reunion

- Created web site for boyziggy's new venture, SFLasertag Event Production

- Traveled outside of North America for the first time (Costa Rica)
Tags: bass, fitness, photography, singing, travel, work

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