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- My Mac Pro is back from repair with a replaced primary hard disk (courtesy of AppleCare). Seems to be working OK. Restore from Time Machine hung for a long time. After Googling the problem I took a gamble and shut down. Had to create a new account and reset a couple of things, but now things seem to be running smoothly.

- boyziggy's latest lasertag tournament is this Saturday, November 14. Please spread the word and sign up! We've had a lot of interest on the Facebook event page, but participants need to register on the official site as well. I just added a signup form for our mailing list as well.

- I'm finally in a real band! I've teamed up with Fred (vocals) and Tim (guitar) from my last Blue Bear workshop, plus a drummer, Joe. We got space at Secret Studios and had our first rehearsal last Monday. We're working on some of Tim's originals and may do one of mine as well.

- I'm still taking lessons and playing bass in a rock workshop at Blue Bear. My next show will probably be December 14 at Café du Nord; more specifics when I have the final information.

- My 21-year high school reunion, for Taylor Allderdice High School class of '88, is coming up in less than three weeks. I will be the official photographer. boyziggy will be coming along too, and we'll combine the Pittsburgh trip with visiting his friends and relatives in DC as we usually do.

- I've been socializing rather a lot lately, when I haven't been wrestling with my Mac or Drupal site problems. Glad to be healthy for awhile; hope it lasts...
Tags: bass, health, photography, singing, work

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