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- I'm really enjoying the clear, cool, sunny weather. A lot.

- Had fun shooting boyziggy's latest lasertag tournament on Saturday, and hanging out with friends including obadiah, mikz, and saizai, and meeting new cool people as well. Very glad that I rented the 70-200mm f/2.8L lens; definitely heavy, but the image stabilization helped to make some great shots. Wish I could afford to buy one. :-P Photos here, including a number of Ziggy and aforementioned friends. (Psst: We need more women to come to these events!)

- I decided on the red shirt self-portrait (cropped similarly to my LJ icon) for my new business cards:

First haircut in 11 months

I designed a new batch at Moo (full-sized, not the mini-cards), half with a promo bit for my high school reunion shoot, and I'm having them directly shipped to my Mom's house in Pittsburgh. (Really hope they get there in time, because I didn't want to pay $33 for 1-day shipping. Procrastination may come back to bite me yet again...)

- Had a really great band rehearsal Monday night with Fred, Tim, and Joe. We worked a little on a song that I wrote when I was 18. Very satisfying.

- Looks like my next Blue Bear show will be Monday December 14, 10:30 p.m. at Café du Nord. We have a very solid set and a good group of people. More details soon.

- Enjoyed playing piano the other day for the first time in awhile: Billy Joel's "Nocturne" and the first part of Debussy's "Children's Corner". Looking forward to playing a lot more (and on a real piano, not a digital keyboard) at my Mom's over Thanksgiving.

- Still haven't started running again, but doing quite a bit of walking, and maintaining my weight.
Tags: bass, fitness, photography, singing, work

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