Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

DC-Pittsburgh trip day 6

Today boyziggy and I went to Dave and Buster's for high-calorie food and arcade games with some old friends from Allderdice High School. Had fun catching up with hopita, kenselig, Dan R, Aaron S, Danielle M, and Katie L, some of whom also brought their kids. Also invited my good friend Anne Z from the class of '89. Afterward we played air hockey, Ms. Pac Man and other fun stuff, and had coffee with Ken G from the Pittsburgh Playhouse, whom I also hadn't seen in many years.

Ziggy and I then had dinner at The Quiet Storm. I came home and crashed, too tired to go out to karaoke which I'd been thinking about doing. Ziggy went off to play laser tag while I watched TV and worked on photos:

DC and Pittsburgh trip pix

High school reunion pix

Tomorrow's the formal reunion gathering; looking forward to seeing a lot more high school buddies.
Tags: photography, travel

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