Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Back in the running yet again

Ran this morning for the first time since October. I did my usual 3 mile Aquatic Park route, though once I get back into regular exercise I plan to do longer runs on Fridays. It was chilly, about 45 degrees, and started raining. But I felt good at first, enjoyed watching the pelicans, and a lone brave (human) swimmer, and noted the progress on the construction at Aquatic Park. Not too many people about, which suited me fine, but I still got stuck at traffic lights, and got very tired on the way home. My hands got very cold; I will have to wear gloves next time. Fortunately boyziggy was home and ready to warm me up with tea and a heating pad, and made fresh orange juice as a bonus - yum!

So I finished the 3.1 miles in a very slow 45 minutes, but that's good enough that I will still plan to do the DSE 5K race in Golden Gate Park this Sunday. I will miss my running buddy J who I did this race with last year, as he's currently injured. But I'm looking forward to getting back into running and racing again.
Tags: fitness

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