Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

RIP Joe, I hardly got to know you.

I hate to add to all the sadness of departures and illnesses I've been reading about in friends' blogs lately, I really do. Especially since I was all set to post about what a happy fun weekend I had. But today I learned that Joe, the drummer in my first and still-yet-to-be-named rock band, died suddenly this week. He had the flu, it worsened into pneumonia, he had a heart attack and died. He was only 40.

I'd only talked with Joe at the few rehearsals we'd had since forming the band in November, but I could tell he was a very talented, personable and fun guy. He was an amazing guitar player who'd majored in music and played in many bands already, but was now learning drums as well. He insisted if he joined our band that we only do originals, not covers. We had worked on three of Tim, our guitar player's, original songs before Joe died. I was looking forward to performing them. I'm sure we still will, but I'm very sad Joe won't be there.

Rest in peace, Joe Martin Delehanty. If there be angels, if there be devils, play your music for them.

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