Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Interview meme - answers for inflectionpoint

1. If you could be an animal for a day, which one?

As much as I love cats, I'd have to try out being a bird so that I could fly! One of the larger birds maybe, like a falcon, or a pelican. Pelicans are neat.

2. What is your favorite tea, and what would you serve with it?

Adagio Irish Breakfast, which I've been consuming in increasing amounts nearly every day for several years. Normally I just have it on its own with a spoonful of sugar and splash of soymilk.

3. There's a ship leaving for Mars tomorrow. You've got a ticket. a, do you go? b, who do you take with you?

I'm not very adventurous, I'm afraid, especially when it comes to space travel. I'll let someone else have that ticket.

4. If it were possible to upload yourself to a database and then download into different bodies at your choice, would you? How would you write a note to yourself to remind yourself of who you were?

Assuming we're in the realm of sci-fi and this is a completely safe and reversible operation, I'd love to be a man for awhile. No one in particular, just a physically fit, well-endowed, sexually active man. ;-) Not sure about the note/reminder part; would my original body be in stasis somewhere?

5. Who is an author you were surprised to find that you enjoyed reading?

I guess I'd have to say Josh Kornbluth. When zyxwvut and zahraa gave me a book of his monologues I let it sit on the shelf for quite awhile, but once I finally got around to reading Red Diaper Baby I couldn't stop laughing. Seeing him perform it in person was even better. The movie is great too.

6. Wanna come to sitting meditation at the East Bay Meditation Center with me sometime?

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