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Running report

I did manage to run that 5K race in Golden Gate Park on January 10. I was lucky to get to the starting line in time because I screwed up and took the bus a mile past where I should have gotten off, but due to being chronically pathologically early, I still had enough time to jog back, register, and line up several minutes before the race start. I chatted with a woman who was running with her two dogs, both of which were properly registered and tagged for the race, which I and several others found amusing. I kept up with them for awhile but eventually they sped ahead, which was fine with me; I had only run once in the previous three months, so I wasn't planning on setting any PRs.

Finished in 36:28 for a pace of 11:44 min/mile, much slower than my previous run of this course, but I expected that. Took a few days for the official results to be posted, but they're up now. Per the new rules, I will also get a few points for this run, as I was the second-place club member in my age group despite having such a slow time. I had to inquire about that as I was left out of the age standings, but was told it was an oversight which would be corrected with the next web update.

I ran the following day as well, a bit over four miles from home to the UCSF Parnassus campus to meet a friend for lunch. It was nice to take a different route and get some exercise going somewhere that I had planned to go anyway. Was a bit cold coming home on the bus, but I didn't want to overdress.

I ordered a new pair of all-weather shoes from Newton Running (great shoes, though irritating that the women's now come in silver and red instead of black and red) and broke them in on a two mile walk, but unfortunately got a blister which was almost certainly the fault of bad socks. Between that and the stormy weather, I haven't run since; I don't at all mind running in the rain, but when thunderstorms are in the forecast I really don't want to venture outside if I don't have to. I have still kept up a fair amount of walking though.

Hoping to run tomorrow morning, as I just now signed up for another 5K this Sunday. I had to pay an extra fee to register in advance vs on-site, but it was still only $8 and that will help ensure that I actually do the race. I've been invited to a few different concerts Saturday night, but I'm probably going to skip all of them so that I can get to bed early, as the race starts at 8:40. (Though the starting line for this one is within relatively easy walking distance, at least.) Wish me luck!
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