Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Fun Friday

Yesterday I got out a bit late for my planned run, but I did the 3 miles in the 45 degree chill. After relaxing for a couple of hours I BARTed to Rockridge to meet Jono Bacon for tea and conversation. I'd been watching him and Randal Schwartz co-host FLOSS Weekly, a podcast about open-source software, for the last few months, and only recently found out that Jono had moved to the Bay Area from England. I had also been enjoying watching him compose and rehearse music for his upcoming Severed Fifth album live on Ustream, and very recently started listening to his funny and relevant Shog of Jaq podcast, so I was delighted when he agreed to meet in person.

We talked mostly about music. Jono's very into metal and I'm not, but we still had a lot of common ground to cover. He told me about opening for Anthrax and other bands when he played guitar in his previous band in England. On his Severed Fifth project, he plays all the instruments himself (guitars/bass/drums/vocals), and releases the music under Creative Commons. Neat stuff. He also praised my concert photography, which was heartening.

I enjoyed strolling College Avenue in Rockridge before and after our meeting, as I used to spend a lot more time in that area before I moved to San Francisco. I treated myself to dinner at Barney's before heading home, as I used to enjoy their Popeye's Tofu Burger - with sauteed spinach and feta cheese - on a regular basis. This time, however, the amount of grease was overwhelming. It still tasted pretty good at the time, but I felt sick to my stomach afterward. The sweet potato fries I had with it didn't help, although at least I didn't order a chocolate malted milkshake to go with it as I used to do quite often. The "single" order of fries could have been enough as a side order for two people for sure (I didn't finish them); the half and full baskets must have been huge.

That evening I went with boyziggy to see Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm at the Great American Music Hall. I'd seen them twice before, also in this venue; I actually like Paul and Storm, the opening act, even more than JoCo. They're so funny that I hurt myself laughing. A number of people I knew were also there including elgecko, saffroncisco, and cortneyofeden, and Ziggy pointed out that Adam Savage from MythBusters was in the audience too - sweet!
Tags: concert, fitness

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