Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Ready for the second half of my life

Today is my 40th birthday. It was pretty laid-back, which is how I wanted it. boyziggy made my favorite special-occasion breakfast, champurrado (Mexican chocolate porridge), I browsed the web, played games, and napped. Ziggy then accompanied me to my bass lesson so we could rehearse a song together with my teacher. We went to dinner at Greens, where I'd made reservations since we'd already be at Fort Mason; I had a very yummy butternut squash and goat cheese pizza and persimmon pudding (not vegan, but I wasn't planning to be on this occasion). Surfed and gamed more, and now I'm tired and preparing for bed.

I'll save the introspection on my life and how I could improve it for another time. It's good to remind myself that no matter what I've accomplished, I have great potential. I really do.

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